Monday, June 22, 2015

Day Fourteen – US Consulate and Octagon

After making it through the weekend in Rio, we picked back up on doing educational activities.  Our first stop was at the US Consulate.  There, we were received by a bunch of members of the Olympic Coordination Committee who gave us an overview of their involvement of bringing US Citizens in both prior to and for the Olympic Games and their plans that are in place for the Rio 2016 games. 
We then traveled over to Octagon Brazil, where we learned about how they approach Sports Marketing in Brazil with athletes, consumers, and their large-brand customers.  The most interesting part of this talk was the research that Octagon has put into finding what drives people, called Passion Drivers.  They have identified 12 passion drivers that they use to help them define targeted promotions for their customers.  It was extremely clear that these guys have the experience and knowledge in what they are doing and they’re doing it well, even with their client, Michael Phelps!

We ended up with an open rest of the afternoon (our meeting got bumped by a visit from the President of Brazil), so we got back to the hotel and most of us went our own separate ways. 

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