Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day Nine – Morumbi Stadium, Museum of Modern Art

We had a later start this morning, meeting in the lobby at 845a to travel via bus to Morumbi Stadium.  The Stadium is the home of the Sao Paulo Football Club, which started in the 1930’s.  Our tour guide was a younger gentleman who spoke excellent English.  He took us through the trophy room, the flag case (where visiting teams leave their team flag behind), the press room, locker rooms, warm up area, and the field.  The coolest part for me was when the tour guide turned on the “entry music”, which is chosen by the goalie, for the teams’ entry onto the field.  Of course, nothing pumps up a player more than some good ol’ AC/DC Hells Bells, with Football fans cheering in the background.  Exiting from the tunnel and onto the field, it’s amazing how small you feel, being surrounded by the 70,000 fan stadium which not only has the football field, but also a full track surrounding the field.  We took a quick photo by the SPFC logo and were ushered back inside to the main entrance at the end of the tour. 

The rest of the day was free, so we worked with Paulo to take us over to Ibirapuera Park, which not only has buildings designed by Oscar Niemeyer, but also has the Sao Paulo Museum of Modern Art.  I found the museum to be “just ok”, not something that I wanted to spend a good portion of my afternoon in.  It did have some interesting interactive art, including a man sitting stock-still in a clown costume who would honk a bicycle horn if you got too close (for a good heart-stopping surprise!) and some interesting hanging paper art that showed different designs as you changed your angle. 

I ended my day with a quick dinner from a small restaurant on the same street as our hotel and some more work on my Blog (on the turtle-slow local Internet). 

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