Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day Sixteen – Rio 2016 and Travel

We saved the best meeting for last!  Since Jamie, Alex, and I had a different flight than the rest of the group (we had to one-way to Sao Paulo and then take our return flight), we didn’t take the Metro to the Rio 2016 building with the rest of the group.  Instead, we hailed a taxi from the hotel and loaded up our luggage and went to the Rio 2016 location.  Upon arriving, we went through metal detectors, and then our luggage was placed in a locked room accessible only by security, so we knew that it would be safe.  Gus and Marcello gave us an overview from the perspective of Rio 2016 Venue Management’s challenges, design, and plans for the games.  It was great to get an overview of their plans for the venues and also for the legacy items that are going to come from the games, including one of the buildings being turned into 4 schools (whose locations are still TBD).  We were given a quick tour of the building, including being able to see the different Olympic Torches that were used over the past 10-12 games. 

When our meeting was done, Jamie, Alex and I collected our bags, hailed a cab, and made the (long, treacherous) trip back to the US!  It was a great trip, but I was excited to get home and sleep in my own bed and stop living out of a suitcase!

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